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Clive Jagger MA is a highly qualified linguist and a professional, FIFA licenced, football agent – enjoying a working life that must be the envy of any football afficianado.  He spends much of his time flying around the world, particularly within Central and South America, negotiating player deals and promoting both emerging and acknowledged talent.  Meanwhile, his free time and work merge together as he attends countless matches – whilst further developing professional relationships within the labryinthine and high octane world of international football.

A passionate sportsman, Clive played for Leeds Juniors as a winger.  Realising that he lacked the pure talent to attain success at the highest levels in football he came to Spain, where he has lived and worked for the past twenty five years.

Clive is, of course, fluent in Spanish and, unusually for a Briton, Catalan.  In fact, he is the only British born, fully registered football agent within the Spanish Football Federation – having taken the very challenging examinations in Spanish.

“It is fair to say that I love football,” Clive says, “and to work within the industry is a real privelage.  It’s a dynamic, exciting world.  It’s complicated, ever changing and an immensely fun and challenging environment, driven by extremes of money, adrenaline, fame and ruthless ambition.  Within the industry there are deals within deals – and treachery that can sometimes make Machiavelli look like a raw amateur!

So, more than ever, there is a place for people within the football industry with integrity.  This is a quality that I hold dear and preserve at all costs.

In my case, I really care about my players and my greatest pleasure is not just discovering new talent but the nurturting of a potentially great player as he develops.  In truth, within the football industry, true care and attention provided to a football player can make the critical difference between someone with talent failing – or becoming immensely successful.

Of course, when I initially sign players they are often young and sometimes may have never before left their home countries.  It is therefore vital that they are placed carefully into an appropriate club and one that will carefully and sympathetically maximise their career.  All too often players can be treated merely as financial ‘assets’ with the result that they are over-stressed and tragically ‘burn out’ long before their true potential.

As a football agent, I do far more than just find talent and negotiate transfer deals.  Indeed, much of my time is spent looking after all my player’s concerns, which can include their finance, housing and cars – along with even finding good schooling for their children.

Meanwhile, I constantly assess my players’ progress, whilst trying to improve their contracts or helping them to move to a better club.  To the younger players, in particular, I often become an important figure in their lives.  In fact, some of my South American players call me Padrino (Spanish for 2nd father) which, I feel, places me under an enormous duty of care.”

Clive is certainly someone who knows all about the inside ‘track’ of the football industry.  Constantly on the move and almost genetically linked to his Blackberry, he is supremely well connected and has an encylcopaedic knowledge of what is going on internationally – whether in La Liga, the UK or Latin America!

Certainly, Clive Jagger’s extensive experience within Spain, Central and South America sets him apart from many of his peers.  This has meant that he is regularly approached by major Spanish football clubs as well as football clubs in the UK for his assessment of international transfer deals.

“The aim of this Blog and my Posts,” Clive says, “is to give readers a real insight into the football industry – not just football in Spain and the wonderful La Liga but also football in Latin America.  Certainly, football in Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina is incredibly dynamic and well worth watching.  These countries are producing a lot of wonderful new players and provide tremendous investment opportunities.

Meanwhile, of course, I shall try to provide some idea of what it is really like to be a profesional football agent.  So, in my Posts I shall try to convey the highs and lows I experience within an industry that is, in turns, fascinating, seductive and infuriating – but never, ever less than exciting…”

Clive Jagger, M.A.
Sportzone Europa s.l.u.
Licensed Players’ Agent 633 (RFEF), ROAJ 302 F.A. (U.K.)
P. Germanias, 45. E7, Gandia 46702 Valencia

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