Cristian Lagos Navarro



Name: Cristian Lagos Navarro
Nationality: Costa Rica
Age; 27 (17/08/1984)
Height; 187.0 m
Weight 92.0 kg
Position; Forward
Club: Santos Costa Rica

Cristian Lagos is a centre forward for the modern game.

As another of the players Sportzone work with in Latin America, Cristian Lagos is creating big interest in Europe due to the great season he is having in Costa Rica.

With International experience, Cristian is one of the top goal-scorers in Costa Rica this championship. Towering at well over 6ft, Cristian is a natural no. 9 with an excellent work rate. Both attacking well and defending well. Excellent in the air, Cristian scores may goals from set pieces, and is also in the first line of his own team’s defense when defending form set pieces. Good pace, plays well with his back to the goal and great movement off the ball, makes Cristian Lagos an excellent option for any European club looking for a centre-forward who is a guarantee for goals and suits the modern game ideally.

We have a very special relationship with Christian’s club, too, Santos in Costa Rica. The Uruguayan manager, Eduardo Mendez is a close friend of mine and have worked on various projects in the past.

Some of the future plans include developing young players at the club from different nations.